Wendy's Story

September 16, 2016 -- Present

Wendy was picked up with Sylvester from Coachella Valley Animal Shelter from the good people of Animal Samaritans. They notified us that two cocker spaniels were dumped in a field and picked up by animal control as strays. They were in bad shape: Wendy had a lung infection, matted fur, hair loss, and neglected ears. (Read about Sylvester on his page here. ) Our amazing volunteers drove these dogs to our vet in North Hollywood, CA.

Wendy has a very beautiful and characteristic face. She is also overweight. We presume that she was a breeder dog kept in a crate for her entire life and dumped in a field when the breeder got all they could from her and no longer had use for her.  This is typical breeder behavior that we have seen time and time again.

But boy has Wendy hit the jackpot! Camp Cocker Rescue prides itself in giving these dogs the best vet care, the best allergy-free food, and the best possible adopter to re-home them. Adopters who will love and cherish Wendy til her final years. Wendy will live in comfort -- not filth, she will eat quality food-- not garbage, she will never be forced o have another litter of puppies who will succumb to the same breeder dog fate that many before her have.

Update September 28th

Wendy's cough is persistent. Our vet performed a procedure to "flush" her lungs and took some x-rays. She is on anti-biotics to fight the infection, and lots of bed rest! She needs restful sleep so she can fight this thing!

Update -- October 1st 2016

Wendy still has a little cough but it is not a labored breathing like she had before. So the antibiotics must be working. We can't wait to get this girl all fixed up because she sure is Ca--Yoot!!

Update ---October 14th 2016

Wendy still has a small audible wheeze but nothing like when we first rescued her. The antibiotics must be working! Here she is getting ready for halloween...

Please consider donating towards Wendy's vet care! Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go far!

Udpate -- December 17th-  NEW PHOTO!

January 2017

January 2017

Update -- February 7th 2017 

What we know about Wendy so far:

  • She is being treated for Chronic Bronchitis and will wheeze after too much exercise or much excitement.
  • She is a foodie, and will need an adopter who will manage her weight. Any more weight will be hard on her lungs.
  • Super affectionate and gentle!
  • Greets you when you come home.
  • Sleeps through the night!
  • Knows her name and responds to it.
  • Good with other dogs (cats too!)
  • LOVES chewing on elk antlers!
  • Thrives on a stable routine.
  • Needs a soft harness for walking on leash to reduce the pull on her throat and aggravate her bronchitis.
  • Limited distance for walks.
  • Great with baths, ear cleanings, taking meds and all handling!
  • Plus shes just super cute little girl who needs belly rubs!

Interested adopters click below to read all about our adoption process!

Update -- December 1st

Wendy's personality is coming out in her foster home!

Wendy Bug in a Rug!

Wendy Bug in a Rug!

Update -- New PHOTOS!

January 2017

January 2017

Please & Thank you

Please & Thank you

Please stay tuned for more updates on this sweet sweet girl!

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