cocker spaniel potty training

Males that "mark"

Are they just being naughty? Or is this something they can't help? When you bring a new male dog into your home, if there are other dogs in the house, there is a chance your new male dog will mark (or one of your existing male dogs will start to mark). This is sort of like doggie voice mail to one another (call it "pee" mail?). They are leaving their scent everywhere as a message to the other dogs in the home. Often, this behavior will stop after a week or two as the new dog and the existing dogs adjust to one another. However, if the marking continues, many dog trainers will recommend a belly band for the dog that is marking. You can purchase pre-made belly bands at many pet stores, but the problem with those is they are often too tight or too loose and the elastic on them will cut into the dog and be uncomfortable.

The best way to get a belly band that is functional is to have one custom made for your specific dog, to fit his exact measurements. If you are handy at sewing, you might be able to do this yourself with some fabric and some velcro. When you put the belly band on the boy dog, you will want to put a mini sized sanitary pad in the area that covers his penis. That way, if he does leak or try to urinate, at least there is something to absorb the urine. If you are not a sewer, you can get belly bands custom made online. Here is one place that does custom belly bands in the most adorable fabrics! Tell them Camp Cocker Rescue sent you!