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Camille and Her Baby Boys

Our volunteers visited Camille at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter Friday afternoon, but she wasn't available until Monday.

Well, to everyone's surprise (even the shelter staff) Camille gave birth in her kennel on Saturday.

We definitely were not planning having a little family - but here we are! In need of donations!

All three have been checked out by our vet and Camille has been having much diarrhea. Other than her gastrointestinal discomfort, everyone is healthy and the babies are already at half a pound!

We are not sure what type of breed they are, (it is too early to tell)


Please consider donating towards Camille and her baby boys!

With each donation, you can suggest names for her babies!

$5 can go a long way at Camp Cocker! Donate today!

Wiley was Hit by a Car!

February 2018

Wiley was found by Animal Control in the road, like many other animals hit by cars. Luckily for him, he was still alive and alert. Wiley was brought to Carson Animal Shelter and placed on medical stray hold. Wiley suffered a deep puncture wound in his armpit and laceration that followed the length of his entire arm. His stray hold was 5 days, but obviously he needed to go to the animal hospital before infection sets in.

Carson Shelter issued a temporary guardianship to us so we could take him to get surgery ASAP. BUT this meant that if his former owners came looking for him, we would have to bring him back to the shelter. (But that would be OK-- as long as he gets the medical attention he needs)

5 days came and went, and we got to keep Wiley and officially rescue him. Wiley received his surgery same day we wheeled him into the hospital, but we need donations to cover his medical bills! We rescued 2 medical needs dogs that day and they need all the help they can get!


NEW Enamel Pins!

Our Second batch of collectible enamel pins features everyones favorite Holiday Elves Stuart & Piccolo! ALumni Libby, April and Mia! Our Handicapable Violet and our beautiful emergency Husky puppy Jules from over summer!

We rely 100% on volunteer time and small donations of $5- $10. We get our dogs the treatment they need FIRST and fund-raise for medical bills after. If you can donate a small amount today - it will go to help our current medical needs Vet bills so we can get out there and rescue more dogs in need (of which there is never a shortage)! Please donate today! 

Featured Adoptable Happy Camper--- Blossom!

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