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Meet Hopps: Homeless Dog Hit By Car

Hopps’ pelvis before and after surgery.

Hopps’ pelvis before and after surgery.

Hopps’ story is one of tragedy, good timing, and lots and lots of luck. Hopps had been hit by a car late Monday night. His owner was homeless and did not have any means to get him the help he needed. Luckily, two good samaritans met this owner while volunteering at a homeless shelter and convinced the owner to relinquish the dog to them so they could get him the help he needed.

That help came in the form of Camp Cocker Rescue!

We brought Hopps to the emergency room where he had an intense pelvic and leg surgery by a board certified surgeon. He is currently recovering slowly. He urinated by himself and can put some weight on his rear legs when supported by a vet tech.

From his surgery recovery to the months of physical therapy ahead of him, Hopps is going to need a lot of help! You can help by donating at the link below:


Just One Dog Rescue:

Saved Just in Time!

Jay Jay was relinquished to a local shelter by his owners after he had been having seizures on and off for 12 hours. Since they couldn’t afford to bring him to the vet, they brought him to the shelter. The shelter, unequipped to handle a dog with seizures that could potentially hurt himself, they sent a desperate email out to all rescue partners saying that Jay Jay had until end of day to find a rescue or he would be euthanized. Jay Jay had been dropped off at noon and the shelter closed at 4pm, so he only had 4 hours to find a rescue.

Very familiar with managing dogs with seizures, Jay Jay’s desperate situation touched us. After a frantic game of email and phone tag, we found a transporter who was able to get to the shelter in time to get him.


Jay Jay has been under observation, and so far he has been seizure free over 24 hours!

Jay Jay has joined our growing list of honorary cocker spaniels rescued by Camp Cocker Rescue. As part of our Just One Dog Rescue, Jay Jay is going be in the best of hands until he find his forever home!

You can help us get Jay Jay the medication and care he needs by donating at the link below:

Cocker Spaniel Lovers

Stainless Steel Necklace!

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 5.16.13 PM.png

Made out of stainless steel, the latest trend in jewelry (it won't tarnish and it shines so nicely).

The adorable cocker spaniel has a little rose gold stainless steel heart charm hanging in front. The dainty stainless steel chain is 23" in length.

Have a heart for our doggies by wearing these necklaces and supporting Camp Cocker Rescue!

$25 each

We rely 100% on volunteer time and small donations of $5- $10. We get our dogs the treatment they need FIRST and fund-raise for medical bills after. If you can donate a small amount today - it will go to help our current medical needs Vet bills so we can get out there and rescue more dogs in need (of which there is never a shortage)! Please donate today! 

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