"My Old Dog" is one of the most beautiful tributes to senior dogs that we have ever seen.   Truly a labor of love by author Laura Coffey and stunningly photographed by Lori Fusaro.    We would love this book even if we did not have the honor of one of our alum dogs, Einstein being given a chapter in it.  

A special thank you to George Clooney for giving permission for Camp Cocker to be interviewed for this book.  You get to hear the never before revealed details of how Einstein came to be rescued and then adopted by George Clooney.  We particularly love his quote from the book . . . .

This book has such a sweet message.  We also loved the chapter on Rita Earl's grey faced dog, Fiona.   (Rita Earl is the photographer that donates her time to take so many of Camp Cocker's adoptable dog photos)    

Maybe this book will inspire others to adopt a dog with the approach that "age doesn't matter"!  If there were more adopters with this philosophy towards animals, there would be a lot less amazing dogs like Einstein sitting in animal shelters.   

This would make a wonderful book for gift giving, to just about any person that loves animals.    Please consider buying a copy through our Amazon link above so that Camp Cocker Rescue can get a percentage of your purchase.