Available Dogs - May 2017


Doogie is 5-7 years and is very energetic, and pretty strong! He is very excited to be in America! 


McKenna is 5 years and her mission in life is to meet all the people in the world and tell them how much she loves them. <3


Hunter is around 7 years and is an Every-Man's Dog! He is perfect! He is up for anything, anytime, anywhere, with anyone! 


Skylar is about 4 years. He is timid and shy. He has lived in a backyard his whole life and each experience is new to him!


Coco is about 5-6 years old. She is our chocolate butter bean and a staff favorite!


Piper is our pretty 5 year old. She is a beautiful freckled and spotted cocker. She hasn't had much love in her life, and it's time she's caught up!


Kibby is about 2 years and has a very loving demeanor. Once you meet him, you'll never leave him! 


Luke is a 2 year old Cocker / Golden Mix and a total Monkey-Man!: High energy and super affectionate!


Violet is about 5-7 years old. We found her in a shelter and she couldn't use her back legs. Click Read More to see her now! 


Maggie is 5-7 years and a one-eyed-wigglebutt! She is blind but learns quickly!


Charles is around 3 years and was born with a "Grumpy Face" but he's not grumpy at all! 


Minnie the 5-6 year old Toy Poodle! She was voted "Best All Around" for her gentle, friendly, and spunky personality!


Morgan is about 3 and is quite possibly the most gentle, sweetest dog on the planet....


Milo is about 4 years. He loves to run, and is amazing with kids!


Owen is about 7 and he can read your thoughts: if you just think about going to the dog park--Owen will be at your side, scratching at your leg. 


Brady is 7 years and all he wants in life is your attention and lots and lots of kisses. 


Eli is also 7 years young and is brother to Brady. What's not to love about Eli? 


Lily is our special cupcake. At 9 years old she makes us laugh 'till we cry, and laugh some more...