Camp Cocker is a non-profit organization that can only function due to the efforts of our volunteers and the generous donations of our many supporters.  Since we are able to function due to your donations, we also feel that transparency is the most important trait of any charitable organization.  We are extremely grateful for everyone's donations and want to make sure that our supporters know their donations are being put to use! 

It is because of this that we openly encourage our supporters to check our tax returns.  You can click on the corresponding buttons below to see them.  We feel that everyone should check the tax returns of any non-profit they donate to.  If you can not find the group's tax returns, you can look them up on Guidestar, or write the organization to request their return (known as Form 990).  Remember, all 501(c) non-profits are legally obligated to provide their tax return to any member of the public that requests it. 


Thank you all again for your help in working towards our goal!   It truly takes a village to rescue just one dog and with your support, we can keep changing the world for every shelter dog that we rescue.