Autumn's Story

September 29th 2016 - Adopted February 6th 2017

             Autumn was dropped off in August at the Riverside County Animal Shelter. We watched her on their website for over 2 months. We figured she was a nice looking dog--surely someone will pick her up? Well, as the story goes for lots of shelter animals --no one did adopt her. We telephoned the shelter to let them know we were on our way to pick her up the very next morning. Our Rescue Team member drove 4 counties away to grab her and now she is comfortable, warm, fed, and receiving top-notch quality vet care by our trusted vet Dr. Birr.
             Autumn has some callouses on her behind from either laying on concrete her whole life, or sitting in a crate for long periods of time. They are large and black and cover most of her backside.

Update -- October 25th

Autumn and Friends had their photos taken by Rita Earl Photography

Update -- November 8th 2016

Autumn is a total LOVE BUG! If you are looking for an easy dog, Autumn is your GIRL! She is very sociable and gets excited when she meets new people or when she is going for a car ride, but she does calm down fast and is just grateful to be with you and to spend time with you.

Autumn is an over-all GREAT dog for any adopter.

Update --December 22 2016-- photos!

Gorgeous Red- Head Alert!

Gorgeous Red- Head Alert!

Update - adopted February 6th 2017

Autumn finally got adopted! Wow, the wait as worth it! Autumn found a wonderful family to adopt her and love her for eternity!

She will receive a dental cleaning before she joins her new pet parents in her new life!

Thank you everyone for helping us along the way with Autumns journey!

We are not exactly sure how old she is: She could be around 7. She is very affectionate, good with other dogs, and quite mellow: if she's not cuddling with you she's sleeping.

She is going to get some new photos taken of her to highlight just how beautiful she is!

Update -- November 3rd

Autumn's calloused back-side is improving! The topical medicated solution has helped heal her bum tremendously! The black callouses are starting to fall off and soon she'll have a normal bum!

If you would like to become a monthly sponsor for this girl Autumn until she gets a forever home, We always need extra funds to cover initial vetting,shelter fees (if any), and FOOD!

Please do so here:

If you are interested in Adopting Autumn, Please jump start the process by filling out an application!

Update -- December 2nd 2016

Autumn & Doug are basically BFFs now

Those eyes!

Those eyes!

UPDATE -- January 23rd 2017-- GOOD NEWS


This is such great news because for 4 months she has sat in boarding and according to the staff, she has been pretty depressed and over the constant hustle and bustle and just needs a soft warm comfy bed to call her own (until we can find her forever home)

- Camp Cocker Rescue Team!