Shannon Noel

December 17th 2017

Owner Relinquish

adopted december 2017



When we see dogs in this neglectful condition it breaks our hearts.

Shannon's neglected dental disease was left untreated for a long time and had the resulting infection had spread into her bloodstream. Shannon had lived in this dirt yard for her entire life; matted, filthy, unkempt - her fur was so knotted and twisted it was literally pinching her skin.

Her owners tried to get rid of her at the animal shelter - but were turned away for some reason - was it the visible drooling of blood? Or the teeth whose roots were so decayed her teeth hung on strings?


For whatever reason, her owners took her to a vet where they couldn't afford the cost of care this dog so desperately needed.

The Vet staff saw a problem here and left us a voicemail on Friday. We called them back immediately- we had so many questions.


We needed the owners to fill out our relinquishment form -- so she was legally ours by Sunday. At this point Shannon hadn't eaten anything for at least 4 days.

POST-OP! Lookin' Good Girl!

POST-OP! Lookin' Good Girl!


Shannon is only 7 years old and was bought off of Craigslist as a puppy. She had the worst luck to be sold to people who left her outside in the Heat - left her out in the Cold - never brushed her - never vaccinated her -- never took her to see a Vet. Her puppy pricetag was the first and last time her owners spent money on her.

What we know about Shannon so far:

  • 7 years old
  • has received her emergency dental and is re-cooperating in foster care.
  • Has only 10 teeth now and should only be on a soft food diet for life.
  • Routine wellness exams are a must for her (and all of our dogs)
  • She is incredibly sweet and deserves a better life than what she had before.

Shannon was hospitalized within an hour of us picked her up. She received fluids, antibiotics and round after round of blood work.

Her Journey has just started.

If you feel inclined to help Shannon out - please throw a few dollars our way!

Recent Video 12-22-17

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links to FacebookLIVE



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- Camp Cocker Rescue Team