July 19th 2018 -- Adopted September 2019

Rescued from Apple Valley Shelter, CA


Aiden is a very special dog that we have been working with for several months to get him to be a happy and healthy puppy.

When we rescued Aiden, he was suffering from Sarcoptic Mange, Cherry eye, double ear infections, and a double dose of Neglect! We spent over 6 weeks having Aiden in quarantine to get rid of his sarcoptic mange, only to learn that he was still scratching himself to the point of bleeding because of his intense allergies.

Here is what Aiden looked like when we rescued him:


After we spent 6 weeks keeping Aiden in quarantine to fight off his sarcoptic mange, we discovered that Aiden was still scratching himself to the point of bleeding because of his allergies! Aiden was literally allergic to everything! Poor guy!

But with some hard work and a great game plan from both a homeopathic vet and a dermatologist, we’ve spent the past several months managing Aiden’s diet and immunotherapy medication to get him to the point where his allergies are now manageable. Aiden can now run, play, and eat like a regular dog!

His amazing progress does not mean he is 100% allergy free. He will still need some medication and medical visits for the rest of his life so that he doesn’t backslide, but we’re optimistic that he will never be as bad as to hurt himself itching again.

Aiden is a great dog! What we know about him is:

  • About 1 to 2 years old

  • Great with other dogs after a short adjustment period.

  • A silly puppy monkey and a SUPER snuggler!

  • Very affectionate and listens very well.

  • Loves to play with toys!

  • Pretty quiet generally, but barks very loudly when surprised. May not be suited for an apartment.

  • Has chronic ear issues

  • Needs some medication and possibly a special diet because of his allergies for the rest of his life.


If you are interested in adopting this adorable little guy, please read our adoption application here and submit your application

Priority will go to those living near the Santa Barbara or Ventura area, as this is where Aiden’s current dermatologist is located.

 We rely 100% on all of our support in the form of small donations. We run on $5 donations and volunteers! Please consider donating just $5 so we can get on top of our mounting medical bills and rescue more dogs in need!