July 19th 2018 -- September 30th 2018

Rescued from Apple Valley Shelter, CA


Obviously, Aiden is suffering from a few things. Sarcoptic Mange, Cherry eye, double ear infections, and a double dose of Neglect!

Aiden will be in treatment for his mange and ear infections for the next month. After about 4 weeks we can get started on the cherry eye and neuter surgery. While we are fundraising for his care, we will also be reviewing applications for his future adoption. He needs to get well first and foremost! Can you imagine how beautiful he is going to be?! 

Aiden is:

  • only a year old!


  • a silly puppy monkey!

  • pretty quiet.

  • Should finish quarantine by mid September

  • Aiden will only now know unconditional love!

If you are interested in adopting this adorable little guy, please read our adoption application here and submit your application

Apply now! 


We rely 100% on all of our support in the form of small donations. We run on $5 donations and volunteers! Please consider donating just $5 so we can get on top of our mounting medical bills and rescue more dogs in need!