RESCUED JANUARY 2019 --- ADopted August 2019

Freedom Flyer Program


Austin was rescued from South Korea in a joint effort between Camp Cocker Rescue and Band for animals. Austin is a very special rescue, however, because had some sort of incident while he was still in South Korea that badly effected his leg.

We brought Austin’s x-rays to our orthopedic surgeon, and she said that it looked like his hip bone didn’t grow in properly, so it couldn’t connect to the proper joint. That means that there is nothing they can surgically do to fix his leg. We are now bring Austin to physical therapy to help strengthen his bad leg.

We don’t know what kind of results to expect from his physical therapy, we hope that it will at least prevent future medical issues and atrophy.

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What we know about Austin!

  • About 5 years old

  • Super happy-go-lucky guy!

  • Loves belly rubs!

  • Super mobile even with only three properly working legs! (May not be 100% comfortable with homes with flights of stairs)

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