June 14th 2018 -- present 

Rescued from Riverside County Shelter ---- Riverside, CA


What we know about Bella:

  • 6-7 years old
  • she is super sweet
  • she weighed a little too much for her stature, so she is on a special diet plan until we can get her down to healthier weight to extend her life span!
  • Bella doesn't quite know how big she is and often knocks other dogs down! lol
  • Bella is a bodacious babe!
  • She is up-to-date and otherwise healthy. 
  • She will need weekly ear cleanings and a typical allergy free diet for cockers, as she is prone to ear infections. 
  • We love love love her she is so sweet!!!

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Bella lost 3 lbs so far! July 2018!

Bella lost 3 lbs so far! July 2018!


Bella was kept in a cage in a garage in the desert where temperatures can reach triple digits in June. 

Bella was not cared for. Her fur was so matted-- old feces were woven into her blanket-like coat. Watch the videos of her rescue and ensuing shave down! 


This is Bella in 2015 at a different shelter where she weighed only 20 lbs! 


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