Coco's Story

September 8th 2016 - Adopted 4/6/2017

COachella Valley Shelter, CA


Coco is from the Coachella Valley Animal Shelter just like our Quinn! She had a very large tumor/gaping wound on her back near her shoulder blades. Perhaps her previous owners did not have the money to take her to the veterinarian? This is a common reason why so many animals get dropped off at the shelter.

Our vet has removed the tumor and the biopsy has come back negative! YAY!

She is approx 19 lbs, chocolate brown with a very sweet demeanor!

Update-- September 29th 2016

Coco had quite the weekend at Cocker Palooza!! We packed her bags and drove her up to San Luis Obispo for the party and to meet some potential adopters! We had so much fun with Coco because she is SUCH a DARLING!

What we know about Coco so far:

  • She bonds very quickly
  • ultimate snuggle bug!
  • She prefers the company of people and the attention of people.
  • She is house trained
  • She is great with kids with 'doggy-manners'
  • She does not like to share with other dogs-- this can be worked with through training.
  • She just wants someone who will adore her and worship her like the Princes she is!
  • Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.
  • She offers you her paw (pictured below).

It was pretty warm at the beach over the weekend, and Coco started digging holes deep enough to reach the cool damp sand where she could sit her bum and cool off. It was adorable!


Update -- October 25th 2016

Coco and Friends went to have their photographs taken by Rita Earl Photography

Princess Coco is all alone in her castle looking for a forever family to fill it with love!!❤️.

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Update -- February 2017--

NEW enamel pin made in Coco's likeness!

Update -- February 15th New Photos!

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Please consider sponsoring Coco for her food, medication, and care.

Update -- October 14th 2016

Coco is ready for her forever home! She reaches up to us to say "Will someone adopt me soon?"


Coco is so beautiful we had to capture it!

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March 5th ---Coco goes on a hike!

March 22nd 2017 -- Vet check-up - All Good!



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