January 28TH, 2019

Rescued from the Downey, Los Angeles Shelter



Emma was originally rescued from the Downey, Los Angeles shelter in January 2019. We originally thought she was maybe between 8 and 10 years old, and seeing how gentle and affectionate she was, we were hoping she would be adopted by a nice family looking for an older adult or senior dog.

However, as we spent more time learning about Emma and her needs, the more health issues arose. First, we learned she was completely deaf. Then, was learned she was incontinent (probably from spending her whole life as an outdoor dog and never learning to be house-trained).

After that it was several trips back and forth to the vet for small things like skin irritation, lethargic behavior, not eating, or bloody stools. But the vets couldn’t find anything specific that was causing these issues.

We then realized it was likely that Emma was most likely closer to being 15 than 8 or 10, and all of these small issues were just par for the course when it comes to a super senior dog. It also meant that any chance of Emma finding an adopter was likely slim to none.

As such, we reached out to one of our lovely volunteers who is experienced with hospice dogs, and she agreed to take Emma in and be her forever person for however long she has left.

If you want to help make the rest of Emma’s life as comfortable as possible, you can donate to her care at the link below.


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