aka Ruffy

July 16th -- ADopted May 2019

rescued from Agoura Hills Animal Shelter, CA


Gimli was hit by a car out in Lancaster, CA and suffered a broken pelvis before being transferred to another Shelter. By the time we rescued him, 2 weeks had gone by and scar tissue and healing occurred. He is not a candidate for surgery, but he is mobile, walks, trots and prances around. He is receiving acupuncture and laser therapy to increase his mobility and reduce inflammation. 

Gimli is:

  • About 6 years old

  • Super sweetheart and loves to he held and given all the love!

  • Especially loves giving kisses!

  • Not a huge fan of the crate. :)

  • Good with other dogs at doggie daycare, great demeanor! (however, he doesn’t want to share his home with another dog, he guards his person against other pets)

  • Loves to go on walks and show off his beautiful floofy tail!

  • Generally more affectionate to women at first

  • Would do best in a home without children

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