Rescued from Carson Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, CA

August 13th 2018  --- AVAILABLE

GROVER came to Carson Shelter as a stray and with obvious glaucoma in his right eye. Knowing he would be passed over by the general public and by other rescues - he needed to become a Camp Cocker Dog!

He just had his eye enucleation surgery last night to get him out of immediate pain from that bulging glaucoma eye.


Glaucoma pressure can be so incredibly painful, that we can't believe what a sweet nice dog he was. He was giving kisses to the vet staff and was so patient while he was shaved down.

What we know about Grover so far:

  • great with other dogs
  • great with his foster kitty!
  • would be good for older kids
  • house trained
  • can use the doggy door! 
  • around 5 years.