Lily's Story

January 2015 -- Present

We rescued this little monkey from a shelter in Lancaster, California. She is about seven to eight years young and is sweet, affectionate and loves to get attention and snuggle. She loves a good belly rub too.

We suspect she was a breeder's dog before, she was loaded with mammary tumors and had a double mastectomy last year (cancer free). Whomever owned her before had unsuccessfully de-barked her (with a metal pipe) so when she tries to bark it is a squeaky- breathy sound.

Lily has some challenges.
She has extreme separation anxiety and can NOT be left alone, not even for five minutes. She will hyper-ventilate, panic, bark and eventually give herself a seizure. We won't leave her alone anymore-- not even for a few minutes.

Her anxiety also displays itself in other forms. Although she knows to use a doggie door and will potty outside, she will still go potty in the house. It seems to be okay for a few weeks, then all of a sudden, something makes her anxious and she starts urinating every day indoors until she gets back to her routine. (she craves a predictable schedule) And lastly, Lily's anxiety causes her to eat inappropriate things like sticks, blankets, stuffing, etc. More than once we have had to take her to the vet for a stomach pump.

If you are ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with Lily but cannot adopt at this time, please consider sponsoring her to help cover the costs of his foster care like food and grooming. Please click the button to the right ----->

Thank You!

Peace, Love & Lily!


Update --September 2016

Lily and her friends went to Rita Earl Photography Studios and modeled for their very own pictures!



Because of Lily's seizures and anti-seizure medication, she is not a candidate for anti-anxiety medication.

So this is a tall order to find an adopter that can take this all on but Lily is such a total sweetheart, just looking for her forever person to love her and give her a stable routine is worth the wait. However long. Having her love up to you everyday makes it all worth it.

Maybe with your help, we can spread the word for silly Lily and someone really special might see her story and apply to adopt her?

September 2016

September 2016

Update October -- 2016

Being a Submarine is pretty tough. Lily may be rethinking her marine biology aspirations.

Update --December 2016

Chilly Lily got new ear muffs!

Cold day in LA: Chilly Lily in her earmuffs!

Cold day in LA: Chilly Lily in her earmuffs!

We would like to take this moment to thank LifeLine4Paws a incredible foundation focused on helping in the long, arduous and (always) expensive journey of rehabilitating animals in dire need! Their donations to our rescue have not gone unnoticed!  Thank you so much for donating towards Lily's mastectomy surgeries!

Stay Tuned for more updates on dear sweet Lily!

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