Violet's Journey

January 17th 2017

Baldwin Park Animal Shelter ---- LOS ANGELES

 Forever Foster program


violet's daily needs

  • Her bladder must be expressed every 4 hours. Here is a video on how easy this can be
  • She weighs 20+ lbs and she can stand on her own now. 
  • Her needs are those of a physically disabled dog and will need on-going physical therapy sessions.
  • We are looking for Los Angeles area residents due to the location of her therapy.
  • She is on Prozac due to being in a stressful environment but once she is in a home environment, she can be OK with calm dogs, or dogs that are not dominate. 
  • She can walk short distances and run!
  • She comes with her very own custom wheel cart
Baldwin Park Shelter Photo

Baldwin Park Shelter Photo

Violet can stand up and take a few steps before her rear legs cross and she falls over, but she has made improvement and her muscles are no longer atrophied like when we first rescued her from the Baldwin Park/Los Angeles county animal shelter in January.

Violet is dog reactive, and although it is not impossible that she could ever live with another dog, whoever fosters her will have to be prepared to keep Violet separated for as long as it takes for her to get used to another dog in the home.

Violet needs her bladder manually expressed every four hours by her person, that involves standing her up, and you have to bend over to reach down to manually express it from underneath by her abdomen. This is not a task for someone with any back problems.


A special thank you to Leslie and the amazing staff at 2H4P for helping to get the word out that Violet needs a home and donations. (some of their clients have already donated several days of therapy for Violet, isn't that amazing?)

If you would like to become a monthly sponsor for Violet, for as little as .16 cents a day ($5 a month), you can become a sponsor here:

Underwater treadmill!  Go Violet GO!

Underwater treadmill!  Go Violet GO!

Check out this video of Violet on the underwater treadmill





We understand that many people may not want to donate to a dog that has such a poor prognosis, so we set up a special donate link especially for Violet, so that no donations will come away from other dogs we might save. We are currently paying for her therapy and nursing care on a day-by-day basis. Please consider making a one-time donation for Violet while we continue to find her a foster home.




Thank you everyone who is rooting for Violet and sending love and donations! She is quite a trooper and is not giving up! If she doesn't give up-- we wont give up!

Please continue to send any amount you can!

Her care is $220 per day (after our rescue discount) and as long as we can finance her treatment we can continue to watch her progress!

Balancing on her rear legs!  :)))

Balancing on her rear legs!  :)))