Blossom's Story!

August 15th 2017

Rescued from Baldwin Park Animal Shelter ---- Los Angeles, CA

Adopted May 1st 2018


Blossom 9_14_17 pic five.jpg
Blossom 9_14_17 pix seven.jpg

What we know about Blossom so far:

  • She is House Trained!
  • She has Beagle fur!
  • She is sweet & would bond quickly.
  • Very alert and up-beat
  • Loves to sit in your lap
  • She is very curious about everyone.
  • She is very petite and healthy at 20 lbs! 
  • Hasn't barked much if at all
  • Doesn't potty on leash, needs a yard
  • Learning "sit" and "wait" in her foster home. (watch video above!)
  • Big beautiful amber eyes. 
  • Received a dental and is up to date!

Poor little Blossom! Picked up as a stray and brought to the shelter. We were made aware of Blossoms condition through social media - Instagram actually - and we honestly weren't sure if we could afford to pick her up. We have been fund-raising for beautiful Rudy for the last few days for his ($7k and up) leg surgery and that left very little in our account for another major surgery dog. We went to our supporters and asked for help The hardest part about rescuing dogs is knowing they need help ASAP and not having enough resources to get them to the Veterinarian-- or at least to safety.

Luckily for Blossom though we have some pretty amazing volunteers who offered to evaluate her (make sure she is good with other dogs) and transport her out of there! Luckily for Blossom animal lovers everywhere helped us out with small donations that added up and we were able to bring her to our Vet for same-day blood-work!

We rely 100% on donated volunteer time, and small donations of just $5! If you feel inclined to help Blossom start the next clean chapter of her life, please donate just $5 here:


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