Owner Relinquish

February 2019  -- PRESENT


When we took our sweet Daphne to have a dental cleaning, the vet found a mass on Daphne's anal gland during the cleaning. . A biopsy was sent out, and the results just came back that it's adenocarcinoma (cancer).

We are CRUSHED by this news. Daphne has had so much sadness in her life this past year. Her former owners had some extreme health problems (her mom had a stroke and is permanently in a nursing care facility, and her dad has cancer), so she was returned to Camp Cocker in the hopes of finding a new family who could take care of her. 

Daphne had chest x-rays and her chest is clear, which is good! She had an ultrasound and visited an oncologist, who said that the cancer hasn’t spread to her lymph nodes, which is also good! Daphne is scheduled to have surgery soon, and then it will be a few weeks of radiation to hopefully to remove all of the cancer cells and prevent it from reappearing.


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What we know about Daphne:

  • About 8 years old

  • Very mellow, gentle, and sweet

  • Very quiet

  • The perfect lap dog

  • House-trained

  • Needs a special low-fat diet to help prevent pancreatitis.

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