Owner RelinquisH - - February 2019



Daphne has had so much sadness in her life recently. Her former owners had some extreme health problems (her mom had a stroke and is permanently in a nursing care facility, and her dad has cancer), so she was returned to Camp Cocker in the hopes of finding a new forever family who could take care of her. 

However, when we took our sweet Daphne to have a dental cleaning, the vet found a mass on Daphne's anal gland during the cleaning. A biopsy was sent out, and the results came back that it was adenocarcinoma (cancer).

We brought Daphne to an oncologist, and they did a series of tests to see how far the cancer spread. Both her chest x-rays and the ultrasound of her lymph nodes were clear, which was made us hopeful that we had caught the cancer early.

Daphne had surgery to remove the cancerous mass and her anal glands, and then a CT scan, which showed that her lymph nodes were slightly swollen. We have gone back and forth with Daphne’s foster family about whether we should move forward with radiation therapy, but we’re still not sure what the best decision is for her.

In order to not rush with what is best for Daphne, her foster parents have offered to keep her as part of their family, so we can continue to take it day by day when it comes to making life-changing decisions about Daphne’s health.

It’s going to be a long and difficult journey, but you can help ease Daphne’s struggle by donating to Daphne at the link below.


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