Available Dogs - June 2018

Please read our Adoption Process if you are interested in adopting any of our dogs!

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*********************FREEDOM FLYERS********************

Seoul, Korea ------->>>> Los Angeles, CA

Arrived JUNE 9TH - 13th


Oliver *new*

3 years - Confident, sassy, needs an active home. 


Bogart  *new*

3 years old

More timid than his brother Oliver, but will bark if everyone else is barking! :-D


Bess *Cocker Spaniel* 


6 years old - Nice Energy - Total foodie - VERY SOFT! :) Very Sweet


Hilda *Frenchton*

3 years - Can climb a 3 foot fence/kitty gate - very quiet - loves to be held - total LAP DOG - lots of energy! 

Please read our adoption process for information on how to adopt our South Korean Freedom Flyers! These dogs are part of our growing interest in re-homing dogs from the Dog Meat Industry. Before boarding their flights, they are neutered/spayed, vaccinated, up-to-date and heart worm tested. Once they arrive they see our Vet and groomer! The goal we try to reach is to have their forever homes ready for them before they arrive to the states - SO- DO NOT HESITATE TO APPLY! We are reviewing applications and setting up phone interviews daily!


New Arrivals


Cricket (aka Sung-Ha) 

5-6 years old, super sweet and friendly, active, and gentle. He is good with other dogs but exhibits some mild resource guarding- we are looking for a single-dog home for Cricket.  



Lucy in the skye

Lucy is a beautiful sweetheart who has never experienced the joy of toys! Nor has she ever stepped foot outside her backyard. The whole world is a new exciting adventure for her and she is looking for a special someone to show her the way! Lucy is around 7-8 and has mild anxiety. 


(of the Mojave 9 Desert Rescue of 2017)

McKenna was returned to CCR due to too much energy! She is a lovely sweetheart who needs to find her forever people! Maybe a big backyard? Lots of toys and squirrel chasing? Adopt this baby girl! #themojave9




5 years old, Pointer Mix would love a safe home with toys, belly rubs, good food, long walks and a bed to call his own! Gentle introductions with other dogs is best but we recommend he be an only dog in the household. He takes direction really well and learns quickly: would be easy to train. No Kitties :(

Adopt Jackson!



Maggie was found in an alley in Long Beach, dragging her legs behind her. That is now a distant memory as Maggie loves to Power-Walk! Do You?  4-5 years old and incredibly sweet! Adopt Maggie and she'll bring a little pep in your step!



Daisy Doodle!

Daisy is our 9 year old blind baby girl who bonds quickly and is ready to settle down! Did we mention she is House Trained and can use the dog door? She'll let you know when it is time for dinner by her Dinner Doodle Dance! A gentle, loving soul who needs a home to match-- She is so smart you can't even tell shes blind. She is also super friendly and loves going on walks - but does not like to get her feet wet!  A true Princess for sure! #CanoodleTheDoodle




Kibby is 3 years old and needs a Dog Savvy adopter to help him become the BEST Kibby that he is meant to be! He is lovable, he is happy, he is a youngster and has a ton of energy- he will climb all over you and beg for belly rubs! A dog trainer will help him get comfortable in your home and patience will help Kibby learn and be confident.


Minnie the 5-6 year old Toy apricot Poodle! She was voted "Best All Around" for her gentle, friendly, and spunky personality! Even Cats fall in love with her!



Morgan is about 4 and is quite possibly the most gentle, sweetest special needs dog on the planet. He is a beautiful soul inside and out! As his foster mom says "he is just a floppy teddy bear!" 


Brady is 7 years young and all he wants in life is your attention and lots and lots of kisses. Hands down Brady has the cutest curliest wigglebutt in all of Camp Cocker!



Lily is the Silliest. At 10 years, she has the energy of a puppy and zooms around the yard like a cheetah every single day. She makes us laugh till it hurts and she hosts the nightly "Special Needs Sleep-overs" with her best buds Eli and Brady. Lily has beginning stage glaucoma in one eye and will need on-going medication and future medical.

Please read our adoption process before submitting your application.