Available Dogs - Summer 2018

Please read our Adoption Process if you are interested in adopting any of our dogs!

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*New Arrivals*


Muffin *NEW*

A beautiful, blind senior with a lot of love to give. Muffin is around 10 years old and is an absolute sweetheart! She is mellow to moderate, gentle and friendly! Great family dog! 


grover *new*

Photos and information coming soon! 


Murray 7_30_18.jpg

Murray *New*

Murray was dumped at a shelter out in the desert covered in ticks! Gross! (Tick Panel Clean) Here he is all cleaned up and looking so handsome! Other than a shave down, ear infection, and a neuter he's in good shape and ready to find his forever family! Murray is an adult 5 years?



chloe   *returned*

She is a super bossy puppy girl who needs the right environment to flourish and learn some obedience. Could that be with you? She is about  a year or two old, and up to date and healthy! **May need to be the only dog**


Jena *new*

Jena was left at the animal shelter when she started to have a severe eye issue (glaucoma). Rather than taking her to the Vet to receive care, her family took her to be euthanized. Well, we scooped her up and wrapped her in a blanket before and after surgery. She is great with other dogs, and is a little shy at first, we don't think she had much of anything in her previous life. :( Jena is about 8 years. 


gimli  (aka ruffy)

Gimli is about 6 years old. He is recovering from a broken pelvis. He is super sweet and wants love! Gimli is a cocker mix or spaniel mix. He is a low-rider with a long torso with a cocker face and a big curly fan tail! He is a keeper! 



Our precious desert puppy! We are reviewing adoption applications while he undergoes treatment for sarcoptic mange so he doesn't have to wait a second longer for his new home and new life! Fill out an application for Aiden! Treatment ends 8/24/18



Frannie found herself at Downey Animal shelter in the July heat. We promised to return for her when she was available and we are so glad we did. Frannie was uber depressed in the shelter, and is now blossoming in the short time we have gotten to know her! Like a beautiful flower! Frannie will see our Vet for The Works and we'll get a better guess at her age.  



CCR Alumni 2012 - Bridget's former adopter sadly passed away. As we grieve the loss of an amazing woman and dog lover, we are faced with rehoming her beloved Bridget.  

She is a wonderful little lady who is at the perfect age of 8 years! She has sass, class, and maybe a little gas, but who doesn't! 

Adopt Bridget and give her the warm hug and home she deserves!

***currently in San Fransisco, CA***



Oliver is a very confident little man. He is 3 years old and loves to let everyone know that he can bark like a beagle! Oliver learned how to swim, and saw the beach for the first time! Oliver is available and would love an active home to keep up with him!  

Freedom Flyer Program - SeoulMate



Bogart is a little bossy with other dogs, but he enjoys Day Care. He is about 3 years old, needs training, but that face is worth it!

Freedom Flyer Program - SeoulMate



Breeder mommy dog Faith is exhausted from making puppies her entire life and getting neglected in return. Faith is undergoing extensive ear surgery and she will be ready to catch up on all the love she missed out on all those years! She is quiet, patient, kind, loving, active, and jus a lover!




Bella is about 6-7 years old and currently on a diet to shed some excess pounds! She was kept in a garage cage for a period of her life, but that is now behind her! She needs an adopter who falls in love with her but will love her enough to keep her healthy and not give her table scraps just because "she likes it". Bella is a love bug and needs help with house training but she is as smart as she is beautiful! Good with other dogs. Loves Day Care


Cricket (aka Sung-Ha) 

Around 5 years old, super sweet and friendly, active, and gentle. He is good with other dogs but exhibits some mild resource guarding- we are looking for a single-dog home for Cricket.  

Freedom Flyer Program - SeoulMate

Lucy Sky pic five 7_14_18.jpg

Lucy in the sky

Lucy is a beautiful sweetheart who has never experienced the joy of toys! Nor has she ever stepped foot outside her backyard. The whole world is a new exciting adventure for her and she is looking for a special someone to show her the way! Lucy is around 7-8.


(of the Mojave 9 Desert Rescue of 2017)

McKenna is our super friendly, super sweetheart, great with kids, great in the car - house trained love muffin! She is approx 6 years. McKenna's foster home says "She is the Perfect Dog!" Great personality. Doesn't bark  much - may be good for apartments? ****Slightly**** Hearing Impaired, Knows hand signals. 




Morgan is about 4 and is quite possibly the most gentle, sweetest special needs dog on the planet. He is a beautiful soul inside and out! As his foster mom says "he is just a floppy teddy bear!" 


Minnie the 5-6 year old Toy apricot Poodle! She was voted "Best All Around" for her gentle, friendly, and spunky personality! Even Cats fall in love with her!

Freedom Flyer Program - SeoulMate


Brady is 7 years young and all he wants in life is your attention and lots and lots of kisses. Hands down Brady has the cutest curliest wigglebutt in all of Camp Cocker!



Lily is the Silliest. At 10 years, she has the energy of a puppy and zooms around the yard like a cheetah every single day. She makes us laugh till it hurts and she hosts the nightly "Special Needs Sleep-overs" with her best buds Eli and Brady. Lily has beginning stage glaucoma in one eye and will need on-going medication and future medical.

Please read our adoption process before submitting your application.