Available Dogs - November 2017

Please read our Adoption Process if you are interested in adopting any of our dogs!



Byron is 8 years old with black and white coloring and a gentleman's personality! He is SO SWEET! He was a backyard dog his entire life, let's find a home where he is a cherished family member!


FRED *New*

Fred was found as a stray in a parking lot and brought to the West Valley shelter. He is about 3 years old and total silly monkey. and is the most recent member of the Peanut Butter Lovers Club!



Savannah needed a simple surgery - cherry eye - She is all healed up and in need of a super amazing loving permanent home! She is close to a year old, has lots of energy, and good with  kids too!

Daisy Doodle after grooming Oct 2017.JPG

Daisy Doodle!

Daisy is our 9 year old blind baby girl who bonds quickly and is ready to settle down! Did we mention she is House Trained and can use the dog door? A gentle, loving soul who needs a home to match.



Roosevelt is a cocker mix with short doxie legs and a heart of gold! He is about 11 years young pulled from Downey Animal Shelter. He was in rough shape but 3 baths and 2 grooming sessions later - he is a dazzling gentleman!



Bernie is a 7 year old male pulled from North Central Shelter. He was adopted for 5 days and then returned to the county shelter. He developed a cold sitting on drafty cement floors and we knew he needed a rescue. He is a sweet soul who had a rough start and needs a dog savvy adopter who will give him the stable loving life he deserves. 



Blossom is our very own Regal Beagle cocker mix! She was picked up by animal control after she was found wandering the hills. She is House Trained, knows basic commands, and is very well behaved! She can jump through hula hoops and knows not to bother you when you're eating. (A trait we wish all of our dogs had!) She is somewhere between 5-7 years old.


Milo is about 4 years old. He would be the perfect running companion, and is amazing with kids! We think he is an accomplished escape artist - so fenced yards is a must!



Kibby is 2 years old and needs a Dog Savvy adopter to help him become the BEST Kibby in the WORLD! He is lovable, he is happy, he is a youngster and has a ton of energy!


Minnie the 5-6 year old Toy apricot Poodle! She was voted "Best All Around" for her gentle, friendly, and spunky personality!


Morgan is about 4 and is quite possibly the most gentle, sweetest dog on the planet....


Owen is about 7 and he's more of a cat than a dog! He'll rub his body against your leg to tell you he wants something! And he is the SMARTEST dog in the world.


Brady is 7 years young and all he wants in life is your attention and lots and lots of kisses. Hands down Brady has the cutest curliest wigglebutt in all of Camp Cockcer.



Lily is the Silliest. At 9 years, she has the energy of a puppy and zooms around the yard like a cheetah every single day. She makes us laugh till it hurts and she hosts the nightly "Special Needs Sleep-overs" with her best buds Eli and Brady.

Please read our adoption process before submitting your application.